Foreword: This is a very brief history of Churches Together In Maidenhead in so far as we have been able to piece it together. As can be seen, there are numerous omissions here. We would welcome any additions or corrections that anyone may be aware of.

Churches Together In Maidenhead  originated as The Maidenhead Christian Council, which was in existence from 1981 or even earlier.

In 1990 the British Council of Churches ceased to exist and  Churches Together In England was formed.  In the wake of that change, the Maidenhead Christian Council changed its name to Churches Together In Maidenhead.

From its earliest days, it has engaged in  “good neighbour “schemes in the community. Maidenhead Care was established in 1985 and by 1990 the Christmas Day Lunch was already well established. The Maidenhead Child Contact Centre followed in 1993.

Past Presidents of CTIM/Maidenhead Christian Council include:


Please note this is not an exhaustive list, nor is it necessarily in order.

Church Year
Father Cawte   1981
Mike Brenton    
Alan Kempton    
Paul Spelman    
Reverend John Swarbrick High Street Methodist  
Reverend Richard Holroyd St. Luke’s  
Rev. Malcolm Weatherby St. Marks’s Methodist Church 1990
Morris Skinner   1993
Reverend Neil  Messer URC 1997
Reverend  V.  Brooks Church of the Good Shepherd 1998
Tony Weeks St. Joseph’s  
Reverend Richard Holroyd St. Luke’s  
Alex Hughes Salvation Army 2008
Reverend Barbara McIntivey High Street Methodist 2009
Nancy Rowe St. Edmund Campion  2010
Keith Harrison Jubilee Community Church  2012

Committee Meeting

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News & Events

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Christian Resource

Visit Quench Bookshop for Christain Books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs, Gifts and Cards for a variety of occasions. 
19 Queen Street,
Maidenhead SL6 1NB 
Tel. 01628 621985

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