The CTIM Representative is appointed by his/her host church to proactively represent and promote:

  • the host church to CTIM
  • CTIM to the host church and wider community


1) Represent and promote the church to CTIM

a. Keep CTIM informed about church community activities/ invite other churches to join in as appropriate - giving plenty of notice

b. Feed church ideas into CTIM activities; raise issues/ questions on behalf of church

c. Vote on behalf of church at CTIM meetings

2) Represent and promote CTIM to the church/local community

a. Actively promote what CTIM is and what it does, issuing invitations and appeals as appropriate

b. Work on CTIM initiatives/ Working Groups; involve host church members where relevant

c. Ensure CTIM Christmas cards are delivered to the church’s locality

3) General

a. Have regular meetings with the church leader re CTIM

b. Attend as many as possible of the CTIM meetings and at least four each year – arranging and briefing a stand-in when necessary

c. Ensure prompt payment of CTIM subs and Christmas Card contributions


a. Pass CTIM info into Notices for circulation, pew-sheets + notice-boards

b. Publicise CTIM initiatives (Love In Action etc) + CTIM meetings

c. Speak in church plus to leaders/ elders; also to PCC or equivalent/ raise relevant items at PCC

d. Publicise CTIM meetings/ activities to the wider community - notice boards, libraries, town

e. Ensure the church knows who their CTIM representative is and how to contact them

f. Ensure the church hosts CTIM meetings on a regular, reasonable frequency

g. Ensure the church website links to CTIM




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