The CTIM Treasurer is appointed by CTIM. The primary purpose of the role is to proactively manage and report on CTIM finances.


1) Manage and report on CTIM finances

a. Promptly collect subscriptions and Christmas Card payments – proactively chasing churches for payment,

b. Report on the subscriptions and Christmas card payments at each meeting; also outgoings including invoices and CTIB subs,

c. Submit accounts annually for approval/ acceptance by the meeting. This to include copy of bank account statements.

d. Promptly pay received invoices.

e. Promptly pay received cheques into the CTIM bank account.

2) General

  1. Attend as many as possible of the CTIM meetings and at least four each year. On those occasions where attendance isn’t possible, provide a report to the meeting plus arrange and brief a stand-in.
  2. Arrange insurance in a timely manner for CTIM events such as Walk of Witness and Christmas Day Lunch.




Committee Meeting

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News & Events

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